Praise for the Mummy MOT®

I saw Bally for a mum mot and I’m so glad I did! I’d been thinking about it for a while, but with two small children, I hadn’t got around to organising an appointment. I learnt so much in the first appointment and was really impressed to discover that my strength had improved a lot in just three weeks between appointments. I now know that women shouldn’t accept a weak pelvic floor as an inevitable part of having babies, and that it can be so easily fixed! I thoroughly recommend Bally for the mum mot.

“My ‘mummy mot’ with Delinda was the missing link and just what i needed after having my second baby. Delinda was very professional, friendly, with excellent knowledge. She was very thorough with advising and dealing with my specific body and health needs. I would highly recommend all new mums to have a ‘mummy mot’ because your health is extremely important so you can look after your bundle(s) of joy”

“Feeling the need for a Mummy MOT, 13 years after the birth of my second child. Delinda helped me with my c-section scar and has worked wonders! I have had recurring back/muscle pain since the c-section. Delinda has helped me work on various exercises to strengthen my muscles and has even given me the confidence to start running! The acupuncture seemed very useful too. I would thoroughly recommend Delinda and would like to say a massive thanks, again”

“Just completed my Mummy MOT programme. Was amazed at the problems Deb found, that I would never have been aware of. So pleased with the results, all back pain and stomach twinges gone. Deb is really welcoming and reassuring- would definitely recommend the programme”.