The Mummy MOT®

  • 1-hour post-natal assessment with a Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist
  • Ideally at 6 weeks and beyond
  • Checks Pelvic Floor Strength and Tummy gap
  • Assesses any physical problems arising from pregnancy and birth
  • Recommends a bespoke postnatal recovery programme, looking at Posture, Breathing and core activation

5 Tips For Managing Post Natal Incontinence

What You Need to Know About Your Appointment

The first appointment takes an hour, to allow the practitioner to take a full medical history, examine you and prescribe treatment. Should you wish to bring a partner/husband to an appointment we may require advance notice as the session may need to be extended. You will be asked to complete a pre-assessment form, which will include:


Your Medical History

including all previous childbirths and other surgeries


A list of your medications

prescribed and over the counter


Details of your issues and your desired outcomes

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