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TV’s Gemma Atkinson recently had a Mummy MOT in Manchester and wasted no time in explaining the benefits of our comprehensive post natal check to her millions of Instagram fans.

In a video posted to her Instagram stories, she said: “Today I had my mummy MOT and I really, really hope in the future it is given as part of post-natal recovery on the NHS.”

She urged: “I think it’s essential that all new mums have this because I had my six-week check at the doctor which was really, really good, my doctor’s great thankfully…

“But today, honestly, I was there for about an hour, and I had everything checked from my breathing, apparently when you’re pregnant your diaphragm does move so it affects your breathing.”

Gemma also revealed that The Mummy MOT® includes having her posture, balance and hip alignment checked out, as well as an internal look.

“I had an internal to check whether my pelvic floor was good and things were still where they needed to be, which they are thank god,” she said.

Gemma added she had been given advice and told what exercises to do to improve herself.

“It was great,” she continued. “I do think every single mum would benefit from it. I found out things that I didn’t even know.”

We captured Gemma’s Insta-story so you can watch it:

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